Power Play

The age of energy is heading for a major ‘game change’.

In the coming decades, established power-sources will be replaced by alternatives that will drastically alter our way of life.

Efficiency and self-sufficiency will become the new standard as we move from the stage of consumers towards harvesters. This will simultaneously undermine the existing economic formats our society is build upon. An abundance of natural resources will ultimately reach a tipping point of overproduction. This gives rise to a range of new challenges, concepts and understandings. We redefine our relationship with energy and how it will influence our behaviour.

In Power Play, thirteen designers envision this new reality as it evolves. They provoke us with an imaginative and playful impression of an energy-overflown society.

Bastiaan de Nennie, Bram Vanderbeke, Carlo Lorenzetti, Daniel de Bruin, Edhv, Emilie Pallard & Niels Heymans, Emma Wessel & Tijs Gilde, Hongjie Yang, Michael Schoner, Milou  Voorwinden, Roos Meerman, Tijmen Smeulders, Wendy Andreu.

Curated by Wendy Plomp
Visuals by Bastiaan de Nennie, Niels Heymans & Emilie Pallard