Aera Fabrica

The Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, funds to stimulate the creative industry, offers visitors of the Dutch Design Week 2015 to get more background information about the latest generation of creative talents. In the exhibition “In No Particular Order, curator Agata Jaworska shows both the most recent work and the work processes of 36 promising designers, producers and architects. 

In this exhibition we try and find out the fundamental ideas, vision and processes that lead to these works, Jaworska explains. We want to know what prompts the contemporary designer and what their inspiration, motivation and ambitions are. She asked the designers to make a collection of pictures and photos, which show the artistic vision and development in their work. These visuals are projected on a media wall. 

Jaworska points out that the new generation of designers moves freely and is not constricted by the traditional boundaries of the profession. They observe the world and follow their interests. Their work is a result of this attitude. Their common ground is not only the social context, their education or the area of work, but also their interests and findings.