Aera Fabrica

Roos Meerman says that she sees Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam as an open institute where knowledge and skills meet. She moved her Aera Fabrica laboratory to this interesting place for a month. By opening the lab to visitors of all kinds of professions, e.g. designers, architects and engineers, my research has been interpreted from a range of points of view. I invited Jesse Howard and Karin Vlug for example. And also Ed van Hinte and Niels Flach, experts in materials and technology. I used this month in Het Nieuwe Instituut to start my research into this technology and I investigated the controllability of inflating the material and of the form, the software I’m planning to develop and possibilities to scale up the technology. 

Jesse Howard is one of the designers who joined the research. He is a product designer who explores what 3Dprinting can do for makers, users and designers. Laura Duncker, alumna MA Industrial Design Eindhoven and Karin Vlug, alumna fashion ArtEZ of the project “Kiem” visited my laboratory. They both conduct research into making clothes without a pattern, so without stitching. In my lab they worked on making a mould which is multi-inflatable, and can be used to make another size of clothing every time it’s inflated. 

Roos also worked with architects to scale up the technology and to explore the possibilities for making lightweight building materials or even an inflatable house.

Photography: Johannes Schwartz