After graduating in Product Design from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in 2014, designer Roos Meerman established her own company, Studio Roos Meerman, in the Coehoornkwartier in Arnhem. Her experimental research connects new processes with existing technologies. She submitted her project Aera Fabrica, which combines 3D printing with glassblowing techniques, to the New Material Award 2014 and was awarded a fellowship at Het Nieuwe Instituut (New Material Fellow). This gave her the opportunity to explore her research project in greater depth and to enter into dialogue with researchers, 3D printing experts and other designers. She expanded her network and asked herself fundamental questions about her position on the boundary of research and product design. This publication provides an overview of her fellowship.

Graphic Design: Elisabeth Klement
Text: Gert Staal
Editing: Roos Meerman en Christine Vroom
Translation: Gerard Forde
Art director: Maureen Mooren
Photography: Johannes Schwartz
Year of publication: 2016
Print Press: Drukkerij Raddraaier