Kozie is a range of multi-sensory products for healthcare, specifically developed for patients suffering from dementia. Currently two products in this range are available; the Kozie cushion, which can be used by individual patients and the Kozie wall object, which can be enjoyed by a group. 

The KozieMe 

The Kozie Cushion is a soft cushion with a built-in speaker. By caressing the cushion sound is activated. Sound can be adapted to the preferences of the user, e.g. favourite music, audio books, recordings of a relative’s voice. With the Kozie Cushion the patient can independently listen to sounds that evoke their personal intimate atmosphere. This can help him or her to feel more comfortable and relaxed. Consequently this can allow a better connection with the surroundings for the patient.

The KozieWe

The Kozie Wall Object is a soft object that consists of different parts. When you touch the surface, the sound of the city or of the forest is started. More than one person can use the object at the same time. It will be active at all times, so the users can evoke the sounds of their favourite place independently.